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How to feel your best


Traditional Chinese Medicine

You’ve heard you have to believe in some ancient eastern religion for it to work. That it doesn’t really work on your body, that the results are all in your mind. You think that it can’t help you because you’re too old, too young, too stressed, in too much pain, etc. etc. What you’ve heard is WRONG.

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You lay there, you barely feel a slight poke or even less. Then the good stuff starts, your muscles start to relax, that nagging ache in your head is fading away, your brain stops whirring like a toy helicopter and you start to breathe deeply. Your body is starting to heal itself. All done gently to return you to health.

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Chinese Herbal Therapy

You want something to help with this nagging headache or upset stomach or whatever else has you feeling miserable but you don’t want take a drug, you want something natural. Something that doesn’t cause side effects as it deals with your problem. Then Chinese Herbal Therapy is your answer. Next to acupuncture,

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TCM Nutritional Counseling

You’re dragging, you just grabbed your third cup of coffee before lunch. Your stomach rumbles at the most embarrassing times. You either can’t go or you can’t stop going. Those last few pounds won’t budge…What can you do? Try Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutritional Counseling, it’s not a fad diet, it’s not a program.

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Acu-Vital for the Face and Body

Concerned about looking tired or not as youthful but you don’t want to look like you’ve had “work done”, then try Acu-Vital for the Face and Body. It uses gentle needling to rejuvenate your face and body naturally.Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine beauty techniques that were over 2,000 years in the making.

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Tui Na

You’ve had deep tissue massage before, but Tui Na is something different, part deep tissue, part acupressure and part stretching. It takes bodywork to another level. It uses direct pressure on acupuncture points, rolling and plucking combined with gentle traction as your body is kneaded towards health.

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Your muscles are as solid as concrete, your traps could replace re-bar. You think nothing can relax this stone back, then the cup is placed on your back and the relaxation starts. You feel the vacuum pressure taking your muscles up into the cup. It’s like getting a massage in reverse.

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You’ve got a nagging ache, and then you feel the warmth, smell a slightly familiar smell. The heat travels from where it started and starts spreading around the surrounding area. The nagging ache is leaving, taking your tension with it. You’ve had a Moxibustion treatment, your body feels relaxed and the pain has faded.

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