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  • No Cost Acupuncture for Veterans

    No Cost Acupuncture for Veterans

  • Come in and relax

    Come in and relax

  • A place to heal

    A place to heal

  • Comfortable treatment spaces

    Comfortable treatment spaces

  • To be healthy is to Live Well

    To be healthy is to Live Well

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the medicine that will improve your quality of life.

You’ve heard you have to believe in some ancient eastern religion for it to work. That it doesn’t really work on your body, that the results are all in your mind. You think that it can’t help you because you’re too old, too young, too stressed, in too much pain, etc. etc. What you’ve heard is WRONG….

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You lay there, you barely feel a slight poke or even less. Then the good stuff starts, your muscles start to relax, that nagging ache in your head is fading away, your brain stops whirring like a toy helicopter and you start to breathe deeply. Your body is starting to heal itself. All done gently to return you to health…

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Does acupuncture hurt?
Is acupuncture safe?
Will my insurance cover acupuncture?
What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?
How does acupuncture work?
What conditions have you treated?
Why should I try acupuncture?

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Concerned about looking tired or not as youthful but you don’t want to look like you’ve had “work done”, then try Acu-Vital for the Face and Body. It uses gentle needling to rejuvenate your face and body naturally. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine beauty techniques that were over 2,000 years in the making…

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    Chinese Herbal Therapy
    TCM Nutritional Counseling
    Tui Na
    and more…

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I believe health is about the whole person. That means I don’t just treat a disease or a few symptoms but I treat the whole person – body, mind,and spirit, inside and out. This approach addresses your primary health issues as well as achieving an overall improvement to your quality of life. You may find that you experience less stress, more energy, and improved sleep. You may even realize that you had other health issues that you were ignoring, just thought were normal or had gotten used to, until the problem improved…

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